Concentration – Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Systems

This current MENG concentration is not eligible for UConn visa sponsorship.  Please contact ISSS for more information regarding programs that allow UConn visa sponsorship at 

UConn’s Master of Engineering (MENG) in AMES highly trains engineers in advanced manufacturing for energy-specific disciplines responding directly to the advanced manufacturing needs of the ever-growing clean energy industry looking to convert new energy technologies into products. 

Implementation of new energy technologies and new manufacturing methodologies in production environments require knowledge in multiple disciplines, necessitating the multi-disciplinary approach that this program takes weaving in coursework from our Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Material Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments. Upon completion of the degree, students will have earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering advancing their career and prepared to: 

  • Solve advanced engineering mathematical problems using linear algebra, differential equations, transformations, state variables and probability. 
  • Become familiar with computational methods and computer tools used in analysis and design of materials, processes and systems, and be able to choose the correct computational approach, tools and methods for various engineering problems. 
  • Develop communication objectives, develop and analyze written materials in various formats, plan and deliver presentations. 
  • Improve the ability to function effectively on project teams, and the ability to manage (interdisciplinary) project teams. 
  • Understand the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry relevant to their area. 
  • Formulate, and solve engineering problems in advanced manufacturing for energy systems. 
  • Be able to identify and use appropriate tools in solving relevant engineering problems. 
  • Be able to follow and implement recent engineering developments in their field. 

Please view the Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Systems Plan of Study.