The Center for Advanced Engineering Education (CAEE) at the University of Connecticut provides the opportunity to delve into today's rapidly evolving technological advancements.  Whether your goal is to pursue a master’s degree, graduate certification or take advantage of non-credit programing designed to meet the critical upskill needs and provide a platform for continuous learning.

All programs within the Center for Advanced Engineering Education are designed to provide continuous learning opportunities for the proactive learner that are flexible and accessible. CAEE provides top-tier teaching that’s relevant, interactive, convenient, affordable. Engineered for your future.  

We serve a diverse community of learners ranging from individuals with varying career goals to industries in need of customized specialized skill training. 

Our community of learners include:  

  • Working engineers pursuing a graduate education that is conducive to their lives and meets their career goals and objectives       
  • Work with industry and UConn faculty to design customized training and development programs that meet YOUR specific training needs 
  • We offer an array of non-credit training and development programs designed to meet today’s industry demands

      CAEE Programs Offerings: