About Us

The University of Connecticut is one of the top public research universities in the nation, with more than 30,000 students pursuing answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls, and the community. Knowledge exploration throughout the university’s network of campuses is united by a culture of innovation. 

The Center for Advanced Engineering Education within the University of Connecticut College of Engineering gives students the ability to pursue a Master of Engineering (MENG) degree or advanced engineering certificate to improve their skills and to develop in-depth knowledge in areas tailored to their needs or the needs of their employers. 

Master of Engineering (MENG) students follow specific concentration paths like Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, Advanced Systems, Materials Science, Clinical Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Systems, Civil & Environmental Engineering, or pursue a general MENG degree by taking classes across several disciplines. All courses are taught by top UConn engineering professors and leading experts in their fields. Ultimately, students have the opportunity to complete and defend a final capstone project, typically connected to an actual problem related to their professional work.  

About the UConn College of Engineering 

The College of Engineering at the University of Connecticut is dedicated to excellence in education, research, and professional service. Its mission is to be the primary source of engineering leadership and talent in the state and internationally, to ensure that Connecticut sustains its position as a leading high technology state, and to provide the intellectual and physical resources needed to grow as a center of new and evolving technological activity. To achieve this mission, we must offer high-quality engineering education, discover new knowledge, and use our knowledge and experience to improve our state, the nation, and the world.