FinTech Graduate Programs

Financial Technology (FinTech) is an umbrella term referring to the latest software applications and other technologies developed to automate the future of financial services for businesses and consumers. In addition to improving and automating traditional finance applications, FinTech also includes insurance technology (InsurTech), regulatory technology (RegTech), medical technology (MedTech), and real estate tech (PropTech). FinTech is a knowledge base that can be applied to a multitude of disciplines forming one overarching ecosystem.The University of Connecticut (UConn) offers three accredited Graduate Programs in FinTech held 100% online or in-person. Choose from an MS in Fintech, a Graduate Certificate in FinTech or an Accelerated Business Program in FinTech. Join a globally diverse group of students along with expert Fintech faculty poised to disrupt the financial services industry.UConn's Graduate Programs in Financial Technology (FinTech) fill the talent gaps of the financial services technology industry by developing core competencies and empowering your skills in innovation. Master these competencies with the 36 credit M.S. in FinTech program. Build these foundational skills with a 12 credit Graduate Certificate in FinTech. Upon conclusion of the Master's in FinTech, graduates will be able to:

  • Identify and collect appropriate data to support robust inferences and predictions to facilitate decision-making.
  • Gather, manage, clean, merge, transform, and summarize data from disparate sources using programming and scripting tools.
  • Visualize complex data sets to support analysis and prediction and to support decision-making by end-users.
  • Conduct associational and causal analyses using modeling approaches, computational statistical learning techniques, and best practices across domains.
  • Design and manage business processes using established and nascent technology.
  • Create solutions with Python and R coding.
  • Apply Blockchain and Cybersecurity principles to infrastructure, processes, software, and securing data.
  • Apply financial management principles and financial models within the FinTech ecosystem.
  • Produce software and process-based solutions to meet real-world consumer and industry finance sector needs.

Graduate FinTech Programs

UConn Stamford students working at the data center