Work & Study Abroad in London

Global Graduate Engineering- Live, Learn, and Earn in London!

The UConn College of Engineering Center for Advanced Engineering Education is partnering with AES (Formerly Anglo Educational Services) to provide a global graduate engineering experience! Gain international engineering experience through a customized, paid internship while kick-starting your career in Engineering Data Science or Advanced Systems. Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of London, where you can study, work, and live while following the UConn curriculum through an online format.

Choose a plan (a Certificate or a Master's in Engineering) that works for your timeframe and budget. Once you return to the United States, continue earning your  Certificate or Master's in Engineering (MENG) using your new global experience to help propel your career. Credits earned during a certificate can also be applied to a future MENG.

Take advantage of increased Tier-5 employment opportunities. Cost-saving scholarship options are available. Apply Now! 

Courses in the Engineering Data Science or Advanced Systems Engineering MENG or Certificate in London require the following student commitments:

  • Some synchronous online learning may be required depending on the class 
  • 6-month internship in London occurring during the program

Advanced Systems Engineering

UConn is partnering with AES for students to complete their Advanced Systems Engineering MENG or Certificate in London.  Select an Advanced Systems plan of study that works for you!

Engineering Data Science

UConn is partnering with AES for students to complete their Engineering Data Science MENG or Certificate in London. Select an Engineering Data Science plan of study that works for you!

About AES (formerly Anglo Educational Services)

Anglo Educational Services logo
Established in 1973, AES (formerly Anglo Educational Services) is a British-based organization, providing a comprehensive service for the study abroad programs of more than 125 leading colleges and universities in the United States. Our services include London-based academic programs and internships, both semester-length and for summer session, student, and faculty accommodations, as well as educational tours to all major European destinations.

Quick Facts


Class Standing  Graduate Student 
Language of Instruction  English 
Program Types  Signature Program 
Open to Non-UConn Students  No 
Academic Area  Engineering 
Housing  Apartment 
Cost Structures  Fee-Based Program 
Community Size  Metropolis (More than 1 million) 
Experiential Opportunities  Intern, Study 

The University of Connecticut (UConn) College of Engineering Center for Advanced Engineering Education is partnering with Anglo Educational Services (AES) to provide the Master of Engineering (MENG) or Certificate in Engineering Data Science and Advanced Systems Engineering for students across the world. This cooperative arrangement enables UConn and AES to develop their own curriculum for both semesters and the summer session. Courses will be taught by UConn School of Computing and Advanced Systems Engineering faculty and students will receive their MENG degree or Certificate from UConn. Students will have the opportunity to study and intern in London and will follow the courses drawn from UConn's curriculum for the Master of Engineering or Certificate with a concentration in Engineering Data Science and Advanced Systems Engineering. 

How to Apply 

Please read all information on this brochure carefully, including all of the information in the tabs above. When you are ready, meet with your Experiential Global Learning Advisor to discuss what questions you may have and learn more about the application process. You may find your advisor using the Our Team page. 

Information Subject to Change 

All information listed on this brochure is subject to change. Please contact Experiential Global Learning for the most updated details. 

How To Apply

Interested students will apply to the UConn Graduate School. During the application process please select the following: 

Academic Area: "Engineering"
Program:  "Engineering MENG"
Concentration: "Data Science" or "Advanced Systems Engineering"
Study Abroad: "Yes" 

Upon acceptance to their desired concentration will work with the Experiential Global Learning office to apply for their internship and make arrangements for travel, VISA, and Internship. For program-specific requirements please visit the Masters of Engineering pages. 


Master of Engineering Fees: 

$3,900 per class ($1,300 per credit hour)

The Master of Engineering degree is 10 courses or 30 credit hours. These fees include any university fees but do not include fees associated with the international phase of this program. Please visit our MENG Fees page for additional information on the MENG in Engineering Data Science or Advanced Systems Engineering.

Certificate Program Fees:

$3,900 per class ($1,300 per credit hour)

The Certificate in London program is 5 courses or 15 credit hours. The mandatory Industry Internship in London course (ENGR 5316) covers the assessment and placement of your paid internship. These fees include any university fees but do not include fees associated with the international phase of this program.

Mandatory Billable Costs for International Study and Internship: 

Please visit this site for details on the Billable Costs. Chose the finances tab. For any questions on fees, contact

About the Paid Internship

What is the advantage of this internship program? 

This is an exceptionally valued-added option for the otherwise entirely online Master of Engineering or Certificate graduate program. This special program provides students with an experience in a dynamic global setting. Through UConn’s long-term partner AES in London, and potentially other partners in the United Kingdom, we have a portfolio of British engineering firms where our students will practice the knowledge they learned and potentially become long-term contributors to their profession. To have paid internships will certainly increase the equitable accessibility to the program by a broader range of students,” says Yuhang Rong, Associate Vice President for Global Affairs. 

Will my internship count toward my degree? 

Students will earn credit that will count toward the Master of Engineering degree or a Certificate. This internship takes the place of a capstone project. 

How long is the Internship program? 

The student will start with their Master of Engineering or Certificate semester in the United States completing course work online and then the following semester they will move to London and work in a 6-month paid internship with a London-based company. This credit-based internship will develop their practical and professional skills. 

Can I apply for one of these programs if I do not have an Engineering major? 

Students interested in pursuing any of the concentrations in the Master of Engineering  degree or Certificate program at UConn must apply to the UConn Graduate School. If you have any questions, please contact and we’ll be more than happy to help guide you through the process. 


A typical applicant will have the following minimum qualifications: 

  • Baccalaureate (B.S.) degree from an accredited institution in an approved engineering or STEM discipline  
  • Note: If your baccalaureate degree is not within engineering, please contact the Center for Advanced Engineering Education office at for further assessment 
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for the entire undergraduate record or
  • A grade-point average of 3.0 for your last two undergraduate years 
  • Four semesters of Advanced Mathematics to include Calculus I and Calculus II along with two semesters of other advanced math topics such as:  
  • Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus or comparable 
  • Check the MENG concentration of interest 'Plan of Study' page as admission requirements will vary by department 

    The MENG program does NOT require GRE test scores for admission. 

    Will my accommodation be organized in London? 

    Yes, your accommodation will be coordinated with UConn’s EGL Department and AES.  All our accommodations are in London. You will be advised of your precise location before you arrive, normally by your university. Please see the apartment profile pages on the Anglo Educational site for more information. 

    Is the accommodation fee included in the tuition fee? 

    For all program fees, please visit UConn’s Experiential Global Learning info page. 

    How long does UConn take to give offers? 

    After the UConn Graduate school receives a completed application, it takes a few weeks to receive notification. If there are any concerns or questions about the application, contact 

    What will my career path look like after completing the MEng degree? 

    The Master of Engineering in Advanced Systems Engineering trains students on both foundational and practical aspects of systems engineering, model-based systems engineering, model-based design, and cyber-physical systems engineering. Systems Engineers are in heavy demand in many industries.  Glassdoor ranked Systems Engineer as the #30 job in America on its "Best Jobs in America for 2022" list. 

    Given that voluminous data get generated in every walk of life, it is crucial to analyze this data to extract out useful information. The Master of Engineering in Data Science trains the students on both foundational and practical aspects of data science. Data scientists are in heavy demand in many industries.  Glassdoor ranked Data Science as the #3 job in America on its "Best Jobs in America for 2022" list.

    Internship Sample Company Profiles

    Internship Opportunity Company Profile 1: 

    A digital marketing agency that generates direct bookings away from other travel agents allowing hotel companies to grow their own loyal customer base. With over one million hits on their services every month, this firm uses data to base their marketing and design skills, client to client. Developers use bespoke code to create future-proof and lightning-fast websites and apps. Current clients include Fuller’s, The Landmark London and Student Universe. Join a team where learning and development is, and always will be, at the core of their culture. 

    Internship Opportunity Company Profile 2: 

    An AI powerhouse with a team of highly skilled Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Software Developers and Project Managers who help drive engagement, donations, and support for organizations. This company helps each organization realize its potential with AI solutions. Collaborate with these experts to create complex workflows, different machine learning models and then integrate them with business line applications. 

    Internship Opportunity Company Profile 3: 

    A reward app that connects diners with local restaurants, allowing them to accumulate points and spend them at their partner restaurants in the cities of London, Bristol and Bath. Reward holders may also use luxury rewards for spa days, enjoying a high-end sports car or creating a special memory by drinking champagne at the top of The Shard skyscraper. The more money customers spend at their partner restaurants, the higher the rewards. The app holders can also use their rewards to support local charities.  Join the creative and energetic team of this fast-growing start-up.