Concentration – Environmental Engineering

This current MENG concentration is not eligible for UConn visa sponsorship. Please contact ISSS for more information regarding programs that allow UConn visa sponsorship at 

All students apply and are admitted to the UConn Graduate School. Students are expected to complete a 30 credit (10 courses) Master of Engineering program. The program takes approximately 3 years to complete. These courses, both online and distance learning, provide students with the necessary depth of study (beyond the undergraduate level) for a thorough understanding of environmental engineering knowledge, techniques and technologies. Upon completion of the MENG in Environmental Engineering program, students will be able to: 

  1. Use appropriate tools and techniques for the planning and design of site investigations and waste containment systems. 
  2. Understand physical, chemical and biological processes governing contaminant fate and transport in the environment and apply modern tools to predict this behavior. 
  3. Apply the fundamental physical, chemical and biological principles to problems in environmental engineering and design comprehensive treatment strategies. 
  4. Become a member of the environmental engineering community through networking with professional societies. 
  5. Acquire the professional discipline for staying abreast of current environmental engineering best practices, following changes in regulatory and safety standards, and adhering to ethical engineering practice. 
  6. Be prepared to advance in professional responsibilities and scope of expertise. 

            The program will prepare you to have knowledge of environmental engineering principles and applications. The minimum qualifications for engineering jobs are employer-specific. In addition, professional licensure is state specific; contact your state licensing board to inquire about minimum requirements to obtain professional licensure in environmental engineering. 

            View the Master of Engineering (MENG) Environmental Engineering Plan of Study.