Concentration – Digital Design & Manufacturing

UConn’s New Master of Engineering In Digital Design and Manufacturing

Upon completing the program, students will be able to:

  1. Use digital design tools and processes to create and evaluate 3D CAD models
  2. Apply simulation and analysis skills to digital design projects
  3. Use emerging technologies in the digital design and manufacturing process
  4. Apply data-driven decision-making to the development of digital design and manufacturing products
  5. Use design optimization methods for the design of engineered products
  6. Evaluate manufacturing automation and its potential for adaptation to industry trends

Forge your path as an Engineering Innovation Leader with our MENG in Digital Design & Manufacturing. Master the tools shaping the future – Digital Twins and 3D design software. This program equips you not only with in-demand engineering expertise, but also the power of Machine Learning and Data Science. Don't just stay competitive, become the one driving innovation!

UConn’s Master of Engineering (MENG) in Digital Design & Manufacturing is a 30-credit online graduate degree for students seeking to advance their knowledge in digital tools and models used by industry today. UConn’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing possesses one of the strongest digital design and manufacturing groups with world-class research capabilities backed by significant external funding from the National Science Foundation, various DoD funding agencies, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Education.

Students can complete UConn’s Master of Engineering in Digital Design & Manufacturing degree remotely, 100%, from anywhere in the world.

View the Master of Engineering (MENG) Digital Design & Manufacturing online Plan of Study.

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