Computer Science & Engineering, International Residency-Based, Students

The Master of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering is a fee based program offered to both full-time residential students. This 30 credit program is offered at our Storrs campus.

Please see our Center for International Students Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) for requirements and information.


Program Length Domestic Students International Students Per Credit Cost (USD)*
18-24 months 30 Credits 30 Credits $1300.00
*All University fees are included in this cost

International Students (Full-Time):

Cost of attendance based on 18 credits for 9 months based on current 2022-2023 figures.

Tuition and Fees: $24,100** per year

Living Expenses: $24,454 per year

Total Expenses: $48,554 per year

**Includes $700 Visa Compliance Fee