Plan of Study – Engineering Data Science

Certificate Requirements: 4 technical core courses 

Prerequisite requirements: Four semesters of Calculus: Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, along with a programming course (this could be in C, C++, Java or Python) 

Technical Core Course Choices (12 credits) 

  1. CSE 5717 – Big Data Analytics 
  2. CSE 5819 – Introduction to Machine Learning 
  3. CSE 5520 – Data Visualization and Communication 
  4. CSE 5713 – Data Mining 

        Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Advisement Report or Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year. 

        Please contact for more information on the Engineering Data Science Certificate pathway to the Data Science MENG degree.