Plan of Study – Advanced Systems Engineering

Achieve a depth of knowledge in systems engineering practices and methods to contribute to and expand your company’s systems engineering expertise and capabilities.

Graduate Certificate Program Objectives 

  • Engineers and technical managers learn how systems engineering practices, processes, and methods can be applied to the design of cyber-physical systems. 
  • Graduates see the “big picture” of systems engineering from an organizational and process viewpoint and can apply basic design methodologies of systems engineering to cyber-physical systems. 
  • Students engage in a multidisciplinary environment that promotes experientially-based development of expertise in model-based systems engineering. 

Four to six courses are offered every fall and spring semester in our fully online format that allows completion of the certificate quickly, from anywhere in the world.  The Graduate Certificate comprises 4 courses (12 credits) and can be completed in 1 year as a part-time student! You can also take the certificate over 2 years.

Accelerated One-Year Plan of Study Fall 2024-Spring 2025:

Fall 2024 

    • SE 5095 Model-Based Design for Cyber-Physical Systems
    • SE 5095 Systems Engineering Management or SE 5001 Model-Based System Engineering (Choose one of these classes to remain within the approved plan of study)

Spring 2025

    • SE 5000 Introduction to Systems Engineering
    • SE 5102 Uncertainty Analysis, Robust Design, and Optimization

Standard Plan of Study

Select 4 Courses 

Group 1 Introductory – Select 1 Course Minimum (3 Credits) 

  • SE 5000  Introduction to Systems Engineering 
  • SE 5001  Model-Based Systems Engineering 
  • SE 5095 Systems Engineering Management 

Group 2 Modeling – Select 1 Course Minimum (3 Credits) 

  • SE 5101  Foundations of Physical Systems Modeling 
  • SE 5201  Embedded/Networked Systems Modeling Abstractions 
  • SE 5095 Model-Based Design for Real Time Cyber-Physical Systems 

Group 3 Concentration – Select 1 Course Minimum (3 Credits) 

  • SE 5102  Uncertainty Analysis, Robust Design, and Optimization 
  • SE 5202  Foundations of Control 
  • SE 5302  Formal Methods 
  • SE 5402  Architecture of IoT 
  • SE 5502  Capstone Project in Systems Engineering 
  • SE 5602 Machine Learning for Physical Sciences and Systems 
  • SE 5702  Data Science for Materials and Manufacturing 

    Select the remaining 4th course from any of the three categories. The capstone project design course will provide an opportunity for students to implement and reinforce the learning from the previous courses to a real-world problem. The Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering is awarded upon successful completion of all four courses. 

    Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Advisement Report or Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year. 

    Please contact for more information on the Advanced Systems Engineering Certificate pathway to the Advanced Systems Engineering MENG degree.