Meet Rory McGloin

rory mcgloin

Rory McGloin

Program Director, Excellence in Engineering Communication
860 486-0558

Rory McGloin, Ph.D. is an award-winning business communication professor at the University of Connecticut. Rory’s career in higher education spans 17+ years, including engagements with over 10,000 learners to date and 37 peer-reviewed publications. Rory serves as the Program Director of Excellence in Engineering Communication for the Center for Advanced Engineering Education.

Rory is passionate about applying his work to create and deliver professional communication training and development solutions for organizations and their teams. Rory specializes in helping organizations identify their core values and works to align an organization’s vision with specific tactics and strategies that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their team communication.

Rory’s current teaching and thought leadership is focused on the process of training and development, examining the influence of individual identities and values on perceptions of a program’s impact. Rory is also passionate about developing the business communication skills of a wide range of professionals (engineers to entrepreneurs) and conducts research that examines how mindsets and motivations influence skill development.

In addition to this, Rory also serves as the Associate Director for Entrepreneurial Communication and Research with the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In support of his work, Rory works closely with graduate students who are interested in organizational communication, professional development, and entrepreneurship. Rory also continues to share his passion with students in the classroom as he leads courses on professional and business communication for the University of Connecticut’s top-ranked MBA and Executive MBA programs.

Additionally, Rory is also certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Practitioner and is also known for his engaging and dynamic approach to helping individuals maximize their unique skills and characteristics.